Dairy Hill Ice Cream

A delicious project! A brand-new business with no pre-existing website, Dairy Hill had secured some really charming branding and design assets so we used those to build the site. Since visuals involving ice cream, cake, and other related sweets are integral to the site, each page features an optional hero image with optional overlay box containing… Continue reading Dairy Hill Ice Cream

Diana Sanabria

Diana Sanabria is her name, and the name of her clothing boutique. And she’s an amazing designer with an eye for the truly unique in clothing design, which sets her apart from the gaggle of clothing shops in the wine country town of Healdsburg, California. In preparation for an expansion of product offerings including clothing… Continue reading Diana Sanabria

Lisa Onstad

Lisa’s old website was beautiful online home for her artwork, designed several years ago by our colleague Julia Stoops.  But eventually, Lisa found that her own creative output had outgrown the website.  She needed a new site design and portfolio architecture that would be able to grow with her, in whatever direction her work takes. The… Continue reading Lisa Onstad

Oregon Podiatric Medical Association

A chapter of the national American Podiatric Medical Association, OPMA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to serving and protecting the public’s foot health and protecting, promoting and advancing the professional practice of podiatric medicine and surgery through regulatory and legislative channels in Oregon.   The podiatrists at Portland’s Westside Foot & Ankle kindly allowed OPMA… Continue reading Oregon Podiatric Medical Association