About Us

Collage Creative is a two-woman team with expertise in equal parts marketing/communications and technology/design. With over 20 years of combined branding, design and development experience, we are black belts in our field, yet stay nimble enough to provide our clients with the best in ever-changing technology and marketing opportunities. We specialize in WordPress and Shopify.

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Fara Heath, Project Manager


Responsibilities: facilitating discovery and planning workshops, creating site architecture map, creative direction, account management, and “big picture” oversight including managing team members, managing timeline and deliverables, scheduling meetings, billing, and quality control.

Background: Fara Heath has been a Project Manager for over fifteen years. She brings extensive experience in managing businesses and complex projects, including web production and project management for Time Warner, with clients such as Bookspan, Discovery Channel, and History Channel.

Susan Langenes, WordPress Developer, Technical Lead


Responsibilities: discovery and planning consulting, creating website technical architecture, UX consulting, visual design, HTML and CSS, client training, website documentation.

Background: Susan’s diverse background in the fields of the arts, entertainment, and technology makes her a rare “easy-to-talk-to” developer. Her ability to solve complex problems, then turn around and discuss with a non-technical audience on their level, is an asset for our team and for the client.

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